A message from the President about new 2020 season fees – 

The Committee has been working hard over the past couple of weeks to finalise the fee structure for the season now that we have season dates from Hockey Victoria.  I am pleased to report that we have signed off on a new fee structure, which is now live and available for you to access.

Let me answer the big question first – we have made a decision to reduce fees for all playing members across the 2020 season.  This reflects a shortened season across all sections, including rebates that we have received from HV on our team entry fees.  The fee structure will now be as follows:

We are pleased to be able to offer this reduction to our members.  This is a big thank you for sticking with us during this time of uncertainty – and we can’t wait to see you come back and play with us this year. 

We would have loved to apply a larger rebate, however there are some factors which are preventing us from doing so.  These include the prospect of significant financial losses to the Club for the 2020 season due to the impact of COVID-19.  We have been unable to run our canteen for a number of weeks (a major income source), and our ability to fundraise through Club events will be hampered throughout the year.  This will severely impact our ability to take in funds over 2020.  In contrast, ground hire fees and other overheads that the Club pays out to others will remain relatively stable (and even increase) due to the extended pre-season, and the extension of the regular season to the end of October.  The Club is also facing a big task over 2020 – 2021, in securing funding for a new pitch (more on that further down).  The Club will be expected to contribute to construction funding, and as such it is difficult for us to offer more of a rebate than what has now been approved.  Your support in these matters is greatly appreciated – we know that everyone has had a hard time over the last few months, and again, both I and the Club more generally are so happy you are sticking with us.

There are a few points to note about the fees set out above:

  • the amounts above generally reflect a $10 reduction per game that your section will miss – $60 for seniors and masters, $20 for juniors
  • reductions will be made to both regular and early bird fees
  • if you had registered for early bird, but had not paid, you will be invoiced the new “regular” fee

What happens if you have already paid your fees for 2020?  Do you still get the discount?

The short answer is – YES!  If you have already paid your fees for the 2020 season, do not panic – we have a range of solutions available to you.  You can either:

  • Option 1 – CREDIT: have your overpayment credited to your fees for next season.  This is the default option – unless we hear from you, Jenni will hold your overpayment until you put in your registration for 2021, at which point the relevant amount will be deducted from your fees
  • Option 2 – REFUND: this one is pretty simple – you can request a refund of your overpayment from Jenni by email ([email protected].au)
  • Option 3 – DONATE: you can decide to donate your overpayment to the Club.  If you would like to take up this option, please let Jenni know by email ([email protected].au) and she will generate a receipt for you

If you do not advise Jenni by Friday, 10 July, you will be assumed to have selected the OPTION 1 (CREDIT).  If you would like to take up OPTION 2 (REFUND) or OPTION 3 (DONATE), you must advise Jenni by email before Friday, 10 July.