Hello, and welcome to the 2017 season at Knox Hockey Club. As many of you know it has been a summer of change at Knox Hockey Club and I thought it time that I formally introduce myself ahead of the new season.

My name is Brent Sullivan and it’s with the utmost pleasure that I write this email as President of Knox Hockey Club. Many of you will know me already but for those of you that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting I look forward to helping you in anyway I can. Please seek me out at the ground and say ‘hello’.

It’s been a busy summer behind the scenes at the club with many new faces taking on positions on the committee and in other roles around the club. Thanks to everyone that has held positions at the club over the last few years, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

So to the future. The current committee have been working hard to create a great environment for all of our members and their families to enjoy the game of hockey. We want all of our members to feel welcome at Knox and to enjoy every aspect of the sport, and their time around the club. We have some great coaches and I am confident that everyone will be able to improve their hockey in 2017, learn new skills, make new friends and hopefully win some flags!

Longer term, many of you will be aware of the Knox School’s plans to redevelop the school grounds and the impact that this is going to have on us. We have been working closely with Knox City Council and The Knox School to establish the current state of play, and to explore all of the options to secure the short, medium and long term future of KHC. I will continue to update all of our members via email, our website and the club’s social media channels as things progress but I can assure you all that the immediate future is positive and we can all look forward to the 2017 season safe in the knowledge that we can all continue to play the sport we love in the yellow and green of Knox.
I would, however, like to take this opportunity to ask something of you all: we as a club need to continue to work hard to raise our profile in the local community. The City of Knox is a vast area and a surprisingly large proportion of the local community don’t realise that we’re here, offering a great, friendly, welcoming and social environment for people to come and participate in a team sport.
So how can you help?
If you haven’t already, please take the time to ‘like’ us on facebook; then as the club posts about our Hookin2Hockey program, social events and all other important updates, simply share these posts to your own network of friends and contacts. You never know who might see your share and decide to join the club.
We also have posters and flyers at the canteen that we’d like to encourage you to pick up when you’re next at the ground. These posters are ideal to put up in your place of work, or at your local take away, general store or coffee shop.

Finally, welcome also to the new website. Take the time to have a look around and familarise yourself with the new look website. Check back regularly for new content, up to date news, weekly team selections and announcements.

All the best for the season ahead. Go Knox!

Brent Sullivan
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