We commenced our preseason early January at Gilbert Park with a regular group of 8-10 participants. Although the group varied from week to week – sometimes growing to 20+ – the main stalwarts continued week in, week out and I congratulate them for their efforts. There is a notable increase in fitness, thanks to our trainer Brad.

Moving onto the pitch in March there was a significant increase in numbers. Unfortunately, the fitness gap between those that did the hard work in January and February and those that did not was vast. We continued with the running program in an endeavour to have as many players up to a suitable level before the season began.

The pitch training was steady with John, Phil, Cath, Bel and I concentrating on skill development and patterns of play. We completed our preseason on track, we covered most things that we set out to cover leading up to the season.

In summary, the numbers particularly for the early stages of preseason were a bit disappointing and need to improve for the club to challenge at higher levels. As we progress the game plan continues to come together nicely and we are anticipating a more competitive season than we have experienced in the last couple of seasons.

Trevor Bannan

Women’s Head Coach