Hi all.

The 2017 season is fast approaching and this year I will be away for the early part of the season with my family overseas. So I am trying to get a little head start on things.

First of all, we will be running our annual get back into the swing of things beginning on 5th March.

We will run the sessions from 7.30 until around 9 pm and they will consist of some skills, drills and scratch matches. The dates for these sessions will be 6th, 20th, and 27th march and 3rd April.

I have been informed that the tentative start date for the competition is 10th April but this has not been confirmed. My concern with this date is that it is middle of term one school holidays. I will keep you informed if this is changed.

In order to keep the start of the season not so hectic I would like to request if you could email me your intentions on whether you are playing this year or not and also your preferred age bracket. I would like to have some ground work done on squads prior to the training block so we can utilise the sessions a little better structure wise.

The other question I have for the older section is whether you would be interested in getting an over 50’s squad organised? Currently I think they play Wednesday nights and as far as my information is it’s played at Footscray but there has been talk of playing it at other venues as well depending on teams etc.

I have been asked by the men’s co-ordinator to gather information on whom is looking to play seniors this year as well as masters so they can start to look at their lower end squads numbers wise.

If you have any queries about all this please feel free to contact me.


Bryan Williams

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