With our men warmed up and ready to go they hit the pitch.
Old Melburnians opened the score with a field goal.
We didn’t let that stop us with a quick reply by Jarrod Lawson field goal.
Old Melburnians weren’t happy so yet another reply with an lbz goal to them.
Knox awarded a storks and Kelvin Johnson found the top left corner of the goal.
Old Melburnians awarded a short corner which found the back of the net.
Knox getting angry with the constant arm wrestling a short corner for Sean Lawson to find the back of the net with a deflection.
Half time score 3 all.
Men’s came out for the second half fired up and ready to go.
Disappointing second half saw Old Melburnians score a few back to back goal.
The Knox men had a few opportunities but couldn’t find the next.
Final score of 7-3 down.
Bad luck boys.
Bring in next week.