Women’s Pen C vs Mentone | 1-2 LOSS | S.Duncan

The weather was kind for our trip to Mentone and the game started on a high with Knox winning a penalty corner thanks to Sarah in the first few minutes. Unfortunately, we could not convert it to a goal. This was closely followed by a fantastic shot at goal by Amy, still within the first 5 minutes of the game, but it also did not find the goal.

The backline provided the strength throughout the game, and together with Sian in goals, were able to keep the opposition to only 2 goals. With a lot of new players to the team, the forwards and halves worked hard to get the ball to the goal, and Sarah finally scored with a lovely reverse stick sweep.

There was some lovely passing from JJ to Lydia to Ladan and to Janita before losing the ball to a Mentone tackle.

Other great play came from Lydia, with some consistent tackling, and another great shot at goal by Chris. At half time, a number of our very young Knox future stars provided a demonstration of how to play hockey on grass, showing that age is no barrier with some decent hits by pre-schoolers! Labrador Lenny, our self-appointed mascot, took on the meet and greet role for the afternoon. Quote of the game from spectator Julia after a Mentone player did not support the umpire’s decision – Angry pants gets you nowhere! The coaches award went to Amy.